What are the Workshops?

The Workshops were developed to provide up to date information on a specific topic in a group setting.  The sessions aim to be interactive with discussion from participants welcomed.

Love your heart
Practical nutrition information to keep your heart healthy.  This 45 minute interactive presentation will focus on practical management of cholesterol, blood pressure and look at ways to reduce your heard disease risk.
Life is Sweet
This 45 minute interactive seminar will focus on the practical management of pre diabetes and type 2 diabetes
Feeling Bloated?                  
This series of 2 sessions will walk participants through the low FODAMP approach for IBS management.  Research demonstrates the Low FODMAP approach to be an effective way to manage IBS symptoms.
Nutrition for Peak Performance
in Sport   
The margin between winning and losing can be extremely small at the top level of sport, where players are all highly talented, well trained and motivated to win. Consequently attention to details such as good nutrition can make a vital difference. This series of 2 sessions will focus on all the hot topics in the world of sports nutrition. 
Sports Nutrition for coaches: how to support your team to get the winning edge
This interactive seminar will focus on what nutrition strategies are key to supporting your team to achieve the winning edge.  Practical advice wil be provided for you to get the most out of your team.
Life begins at 50?
An interactive seminar that focuses on healthy eating for men and women into your 80’s.
Women’s wellness
Life changes as we age and so too do our nutrition needs.  This interactive workshop will review all the important nutrients and habits for women through middle age.
Healthy eating for kids
This workshop is designed for parents, care givers and anyone interested in healthy eating for children.  This workshop will focus not only on what food is healthy, but also the importance of healthy habits/behaviours around eating in the home and beyond.
Coeliac disease – What do I
do now?
This seminar is aimed at people who have been diagnosed with coeliac disease.  It will focus on the practical management of this condition and give you a step by step approach to ensure you are in control.


The cost for each session is €50.  You will receive a receipt which you can use to claim a portion of the cost back from your private health insurance.  See our fees page for more details on this.

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